Our credo

since 1992

our mission

Our mission is to grant the joyful freedom of health for everyone regardless of age and gender by unifying nature and science in our health-conscious cosmetics, thus contributing to the everyday wellbeing of people.

The current pharmacists and the whole team of Dr.Kelen, are working on safeguarding this approach, and on preserving the heritage from four generations of doctors and pharmacists of the Dr.Kelen family.

Dr.Kelen naturally effective–we take pride in our health-conscious cosmetics which are based on scientific pharmaceutical approach and supported by natural ingredients. These products are free from unnecessary preservatives and artificial colorants serving the health of people and providing care and prevention for decades.
We believe that life is nothing else but the sum of countless tiny momentums. Odds and ends make our lives complete unnoticed and thus, we take them for granted. One only starts to appreciate these things when something goes wrong.
Our mission is to enable people to enjoy the summer sun freely or sunbeds securely, without having to worry about the health of their skin. The carefree play with the grandchildren should not be overshadowed by physical pain. Your efforts for body shaping should result in multiple results. With the help of our sportcreams you can get the best out of your training without injury or pain.
We wish you the joyful freedom of natural health!

We are Family

Since 1967

Jászladány, 1947

Dr. Murányi Dénes a családi patikában

Miskolc, 1949

Dr. Murányi Dénes és a gyermek Murányi Ágnes a családi gyógyszertár előtt

Beled, 1967

családi patika

Miskolc, 1948

Dr. Murányi Dénes

Dorog, 1977

Dr. Kelen András a Richter Rt. laborjában

Kapuvár, 1967

Dr. Kelen Gusztáv a gyógyszertárban